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How to Lose a Proposal in 9 Ways

How to Lose a Proposal in 9 Ways

The phrase “send me a proposal” causes many agencies to start working furiously to complete an in-depth document outlining what they can do for a client, how they can do it, and what it will cost.
What if the real problem was the proposal itself? And what if just a few tweaks that you might not have thought about before, or maybe you underestimated, could be the tipping point to a big, fat close?
When we write a lot of proposals, it can be easy to fall into the habit of doing things the same way every time. But some of those habits might actually be hurting great chances at closing the deal.
The problem with this is that many agencies regard the proposal as the first phase of the sales process, when in fact, it should be one of the final steps in the process. A proposal is a document confirming previous discussion, not a conversation starter.
Hubspot has outlined 9 most common mistakes agencies make when losing proposals so you can avoid these missteps and secure more client projects:
  • You focus on cost, not value.
  • You didn’t qualify the prospect.
  • You didn’t develop a relationship.
  • You don’t act like a partner.
  • You frame pricing in the wrong way.
  • You don’t have a process.
  • You don’t set expectations.
  • You weren’t persistent.
  • You lack credibility.

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Avoiding these proposal mistakes won’t guarantee a win, but it can improve the chances substantially. It’s a tough battle out there for business so everything the agency can do to edge itself above the competition, even something that seems small, may end up being the difference that makes the difference. And it all starts with a well-written proposal.


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