Lebanese Tannour Bread

Lebanese Tannour Bread

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My best childhood memories, are when we would visit my grandparents in Kobayat.  We get up in the  early morning hours so we can watch my grandmother mixing the dough and bake the  bread in the tannour.  She would snatch the bread out the wall of the tannour, paste it with Zaatar oil mixture, fold it and give to us for breakfast. It was and still is  the best breakfast ever.

Tannour bread is a heritage that is pulsing deeply in the history not extinguished by modernity. It is a flatbread made by the same recipe used for 1000’s of years by the ancient Phoenicians.  The tanour remains across the ages popular bread machine which embodied the spirit of heritage and history fragrant.

The images below show bread being made in a tannour oven; the bread is called “Talameh”. The dough is first stretched on a pillow (kara in Lebanese), then the pillow with the bread are smacked against the walls of the hot oven and the dough immediately starts to bubble up; mere seconds later, it is retrieved with a set of long metal tongs. Delicious and chewy bread.